By: Riley Harris

There is a rise in the discussion of net neutrality due to the increasing amount of users on the World Wide Web. The more users, the more applications are used on the Web. How are all these websites and outlets regulated or are they even regulated? This is where net neutrality comes into question. Net neutrality is defined by Oxford Language as “the principle that internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites.” [1] Net Neutrality is in affect of our freedom of speech and is being aacted on by “The Federal Communications Commission voted in December 2017 to implement Chairman Ajit Pai’s plan to end net neutrality. The fight now shifts to Congress, where pro-network neutrality members will press to use something called the Congressional Review Act to undo this hasty and misguided action.” [2]

Here is a recent on the opinions and actions of ciber equality in the Europen Union.

Net Neutrality is so important when it comes to the equality of the internet. Money seems to be the thing that is running most of the systems in all different areas throughout the United States as well as other countries alongside dealing with the same mass corporations, with an emphasis on those in technology like AT&T and Verizon. Net Neutrality fights the fact that you can be blocked from seeing certain things that your internet provider or social media owner does not personally like. It fights for the right of all consumers of media and internet to be given all sources of information and be able to freely make and support their beliefs.

A big debate is weather or not companies like AT&T have the right to charge corportations anywhere from Netflix to Dicks Sporting Goods. Websites not paying AT&T ensures that AT&T does not over support the corportations and over infiltrate it to their consumers when comsumers feel it is there right to freely chose which brands they want to support. My dad works for AT&T so I asked him his opinoin on net neutrality and he expressed the point that these brands and corportations are using the internet that AT&T has spent millions making yet they can use it for free and make money off of it? There never seems to be an all winning solution.

On the other side of fighting for equal free range of surfing the web, I think of the free range of the web at the hands of children. At a young age, and the number keeps getting lower and lower, kids are given access to the internet and most have smart phones. I can recall as a kid being led to very inopropraite web pages that have still scared me and left an imprint on me today. One example that I will share has to do with the popular game millions of kids would take part in called Webkinz. All my friends and I would quickly get home from school and log onto our Webkinz accounts. One day, being the seven-year-old that I was, accidentally miss-spelled Webkins and was led to a live website containing over 20 naked women. This couldn’t seem anything more than fully intentional to have kids stumble upon and end up on this graphic website. As I get older and think about raising kids in this day and age on the internet, I can’t help but think of ways of how I am going to be able to protect my kids from the full free range of the scary part of the world we live in. Does this have an oposing view of net neutrality? Will there ever be a solution to a system that has so many loopholes? I think this ties into the article of “Who saved the Web” when it says, “We need to rein in the bad behaviour that threatens to hurt us and support the parts of the Web that are most important to us.”[3]





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